Skate Park Color and Materials

Posted on Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 5:36 pm by Yann Curtis

Modern day skate parks are not only a dream come true for skateboarders (and soon-to-be skateboarders) in terms of providing excellent places to recreate, socialize and improve their skills. They are also aesthetically pleasing public spaces that invite the entire community. Skate park detailing such as concrete color, textures and durable materials all add to the appeal of a skatepark, drastically improving the experience of the skateboarder. After all, skate park plaza areas should be a reflection of the street environment in the real world, much like skate park pools are interpretations of real backyard swimming pools.

Our skate park pools come complete with durable and skate resistent pool tile and pool coping, providing a more authentic feel and sound. In plaza areas, colored concrete break up what would otherwise be grey concrete. Texturing features may include concrete stamping and marble ledges or manual pads. Limestone blocks may act as retaining walls while also providing stadium style, natural seating. These are a few examples of an almost endless list of skate park details that can and should be used in your skate park.

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