SPA Skateparks Recognized for Top Concrete Project in Fort Worth Area

Posted on Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 5:34 pm by Yann Curtis

SPA Skateparks is proud to have been recognized by Concrete Decor Magazine for its recent construction of the Vandergriff Skatepark in Arlington, Texas. Highlighted as a top decorative concrete project in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, the 20,000 square foot skatepark consists entirely of hand sculpted and trowel finished concrete.

Various cast on color pigments were used to match the City's color scheme. Additionally, 320 yards of shotcrete was placed, all of which included the use of integral color as part of the mix. Shotcrete is the specialized process of pumping concrete through a hose system, adding compressed air to a nozzle and essentially "shooting" the concrete material at high velocity onto the receiving surface. SPA Skateparks' experienced and ACI Certified Shotcrete Nozzlemen have been performing this process exclusively for public skateparks since 2007. Click here to learn more about the shotcrete process as it relates to skate park construction.

Here's the full, online article on the Skate Park in Arlington and the complete list of Concrete Decor Magazine's highlighted, decorative concrete projects in the Dallas - Ft Worth area.

SPA Skateparks Dallas Fort Worth Skate Park Recognition

Check out the videos and photos of the Vandergriff Skatepark in the Dallas Fort Worth area just to the right of this article.