City of Kingsville Texas Brookshire Park Skate Park

Scope of work: Design Build Skateparks

Project Address

City of Kingsville Brookshire #2 Park Skatepark
1519 E Kenedy Ave
Kingsville, TX 78363
United States

The City of Kingsville Brookshire Park #2 Skate Park officially opened on Friday, October 20, 2017. More photos coming soon!


Kingsville's first public skate park is located on Kleberg Ave between Brookshire Pool and A.D. Harvey Elementary School, just an earshot from the Kleberg County Sheriff's Office and Kingsville Police Department. Kingsville itself is 40 miles south of Corpus Christi - home of the King Ranch and Texas A&M University Kingsville which currently has an enrollment of approximately 13,000 students.

The skatepark boasts over 6,500 sf of cast in place concrete skatepark terrain designed for all ages and skill levels, making it an instant attraction for skaters in South Texas. The skatepark grand opening on Oct 20, 2017 was a much-deserved event that acknowledged the people who made the skatepark possible and to celebrate the Kingsville-area skaters, bikers, and scooter-ers. 

Skatepark amentities such as a walking trail, water fountain, skatepark rules and signage, landscaping, seating and trash receptacles help make this an enjoyable space for the public. Existing parking at the Brookshire Pool is being utilized for the skatepark users. Currently there are no lights for the skatepark so show up early. Despite a delay due to weather (including Hurricane Harvey) the skatepark project was completed on time and within budget.

Don't forget to bring you swimming clothes! There's no better way to cool off after a sesh than jumping into the Brookshire Pool next to the skatepark.


"It's perfect — it couldn't have been any better, honestly" - 23-year-old skateboarder Jace Velasquez.

The City of Kingsville Texas Brookshire Park Skate Park has two main terrain areas - a 150 ft plaza lane that blends into a 60 ft long, 4 ft tall mini ramp. The "L" shape of the entire park allows the two parts to be skated together or separately, allowing for many users to ride at the same time.

Mini Ramp Section:

  • One wall of the mini ramp is a full 60 ft length, half of which opens up to the main plaza line.
  • The other wall of the mini is approximately half that length, roughly 30 ft.

The plaza lane Features Include:

  • bank-to-bank with rooftop rail and rooftop hip
  • 4 stair with down rail
  • London Gap
  • Banks and transitions
  • Warped bank
  • Hubba ledge
  • flat rails
  • Manual pad


Rules and hours are posted at the skatepark. As of the writing of this article (10/24/17), the skatepark hours and rules have not yet been posted on the City's website.


Starting in the Winter of 2016, and as part of the skatepark design-build scope of work, SPA Skateparks coordinated with the architectural firm concurrently developing on the Parks Master Plan. The City's Parks & Recreation Master Plan identified the desire for a public skatepark but a location had not yet been determined. The result was a short-list of locations for the future skatepark. After discussions with the City, the site selection process clearly identified Brookshire Park #2 as the preferred location.

The Kingsville, Texas skate scene is a very active, respectful and committed group who have been advocating for a public skatepark for years. Two public input meetings were held over the course of several months to gather feedback on what local youth (and adults) wanted to see in their skatepark. Two things stood out during the design phase - a mini ramp and a lot of plaza terrain - both of which make up the entire park itself. The Kingsville Brookshire Skate Park required detailed attention during the earthworks portion of work. Adhering to geotechnical recommendations subsequent materials testing was of the utmost importance.

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