City of Mansfield Texas Chandler Park Skate Spot

Scope of work: Design Build Skateparks

Project Address

Clayton W Chandler Park
1530 North Walnut Creek Drive
Mansfield, TX 76063
United States

Grand Opening on Saturday, August 12, 2017. 


The City of Mansfield, Texas has been awarded the TRAPS Park Design Excellence Award for the Chandler Park Phase 2 project. 


The City of Mansfield, Texas now has its first skate spot located within Clayton W Chandler Park. As part of the Chandler Park Phase 2 Project the skate spot provides a variety of technical, lower-level skate terrain within a relatively small footprint. The design makes the space feel as big as possible, with features spaced just far enough to get the right speed. SPA Skateparks was contracted as the design-build skatepark contractor for the project. Other new amenities in Phase 2 include a spray ground/splash pad, playground, basketball court, sand volleyball, walking train and pavilions, as well as improvements to the tennis courts. 


The triangular skate spot surrounds a central pavilion providing plenty of shade for skaters, parents and visitors alike. The three corner features of the triangle are: 

  • 3.5 ft tall quarter pipe
  • long bank-to-ledge
  • escalating taco 

Plaza type skate features allow just enough space to either push or use speed from the corner features listed above. 

  • ledges / benches
  • flat rail
  • double sided pole jam


Please check the City's website (link below) for the City of Mansfield's Chandler Park hours and rules. Interested to learn more about skatepark rules, regulations and signage examples?

Have questions about how to develop a skatepark system for your City? Contact SPA Skateparks. Our professional Texas-based design-build skatepark consultants can assist at any stage of the project. 


CLAYTON W. CHANDLER PARK - Hours of Operation and Contact Info

Exciting changes underway at Chandler Park 


Check out the photos from City of Mansfield Texas Chandler Park Skate Spot.