College Station Texas Skatepark

Scope of work: Skatepark Construction Contractor

Project Address

Garrett Hysmith Skate Park
1520 Rock Prairie Road
College Station, Texas 77840
United States

SPA Skateparks completed the construction of the College Station Texas Skatepark in the Summer of 2011 as a specialty skatepark contractor. Working as a partner alongside the general contractor, SPA completed the project on budget and within schedule to meet the grand opening on Sept 3, 2011.

The Garrett Hysmith Skate Park was designed with input from local skaters of all skill levels and features both street and transitional elements. The linear street path features large and small stair sets with handrails as well as banks, ledges, and gaps of all sizes. A solid 4 inch thick piece of black granite caps a manual pad positioned between a sushi dish and coin piece quarter pipe. The College Station Texas Skatepark features a wide assortment of cantilevered or "floating" obstacles as well as dyed and textured concrete. The transition area features two bowls. The large downhill flow bowl ranges from 4 to 10 feet and includes a bank wall, spine, extension pocket, 14' tombstone, and pool coping. The replica swimming pool ranges from 5.5 to 8 feet and features a completely contoured flat bottom, stairs, tile and pool coping.

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