McKinney Texas Gabe Nesbitt Skate Park

Scope of work: Design Build Skateparks

Project Address

City of McKinney Gabe Nesbitt Skate Park
7001 W Eldorado Parkway
McKinney, Texas 75070
United States

The destination-scale Gabe Nesbitt Skate Park in McKinney, Texas is now one of the largest and certainly most unique skate parks in the region. Boasting roughly 30,000 square feet of plaza and transitional skateboarding terrain, this site-built, concrete skate park caters to participants of all ages and skill levels, while providing a truly prized public space for parents, spectators and the community at large. The City proudly claims the skate park as one of their most-used parks per square foot, with up to 1,000 skaters visiting per week. In addition to the various plaza type elements typically found in the urban environment, the skate park features an eye-catching ‘skateable’ art structure near the entrance and a replica swimming pool complete with a skim box, pool coping, pool tile and stairs. A multi-level bowl, appropriately named the “Cotton Bowl”, references the City of McKinney’s history as a cotton farming region. A skate ditch stretches across most of the park and includes terrain that skateboarders seek out in concreted drainage areas.

The City of McKinney's Gabe Nesbitt design-build skate park project was designed by New Line Skateparks in cooperation with SPA Skateparks through a series of public outreach meetings. In particular, a group of middle and high school students / skaters comprised a skate park focus group to help create the final design alongside our professional designers. SPA Skateparks constructed the skate park as the specialty skate park subcontractor. The project was completed on time and within budget.

The skate park includes shade structures throughout the skate park to protect skaters from the sun during the Texas summer months. A photometric study of the skate park lights and lighting systems ensures that skaters will be able to ride safely after the sun goes down. Amphitheater style limestone seating, landscaping and irrigation all enhance the experience and aesthetic appeal to those who will certainly enjoy this prized public space. Parking complete with a drop-off lane offers a safe method for parents to drop off their skaters before jumping on to their skateboards.

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