Skatepark Construction Contractor

Skatepark Construction Process

SPA Skateparks is proud to be an innovator of modern-day, site integrated concrete skatepark construction. We bring you our turnkey, skatepark construction team from ground breaking through to the ribbon cutting ceremony. Our construction crew includes specialty metal fabricators, a team of expert shotcrete shapers, equipment operators, skatepark specific carpenters and American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certified Shotcrete Nozzlemen. As part of SPA Skateparks Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) systems, an on-site foreman reports to a project manager to ensure a product of the upmost workmanship. SPA Skateparks is fully insured and bonded, enforcing a strict safety program and is a proponent of continued construction education courses. Our construction crews consist of active skateboarders. To date, all projects have been completed on time and within budget. We bring the term "most qualified" to a whole new level.

Skatepark General Contractor and Specialty Skatepark Sub Contractor

SPA Skateparks is your professional skatepark contractor acting as a general contractor. Our project managers have years of experience procuring and coordinating qualified subcontractors while performing the skatepark specific scope of work. In addition to the skatepark, other amenities may include landscaping, park signage, restrooms, shade structures and lighting systems.

SPA Skateparks also offers our skatepark construction services to your general contractor, acting as a specialty sub contractor. Survey, site work, utilities and amenities may be completed by your already-procured general contractor. As your skatepark contractor, SPA Skateparks looks forward to partnering with your general contractor to best allocate scopes of work to ensure a smooth construction process. We have successfully completed numerous projects with qualified general contractors and proudly offer these firms as references for your consideration.

Skatepark Construction Technology

SPA Skateparks is constantly improving the industry's standards in skatepark construction technology. Continued education training in metal fabrication, specialty formwork and the shotcrete process are part of our firm's mission of providing clients with the most durable skateparks available. From the use of bio-filtration drains, integral colored concrete and EPS Geofoam for environmentally sensitive areas, we are excited to bring cutting edge construction technology to your skatepark project.

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