Alvin Texas Skate Park Plaza

Scope of work: Design Build Skateparks

Project Address

National Oak Park
301 E Sealy St
Alvin, Texas 77511
United States

The Alvin Texas Skate Park Plaza, nestled into the City's prized National Oak Park, is just a few blocks away from City Hall and the downtown business district. SPA Skateparks began this project by hosting a site selection exercise along with the Parks Board and City Council to determine the location of the skate park. The park space already served as a community-wide event center and ties to other City parks through a system of walking trails. SPA Skateparks responded to the City's vision of hosting movies, art shows and barbeque functions at the skate park site by implementing 'skateable' seating and a central open area that's accessible to all. The skate park's "X" design connects the skate plaza to the park's sidewalk system, inviting spectators to safely walk around or through the skate plaza, while serving as world-class skateable streetscape terrain for skaters.

Boasting over 6,000 square feet of skate park plaza and transitional terrain, the Alvin Texas design build skatepark plaza truly represents a skate park enhancing an already-popular City park. A long, multi-use mini ramp with jersey barrier, hips and banks make up approximately a quarter of the skate terrain. Cantilevered quarter pipes and banks, along with plaza terrain including stairs, manual pads, ledges and rails comprise the majority of the park. Thanks to all the skaters, bikers and interested citizens in Alvin for having attended such a successful public input process. Enjoy your new plaza skate park plaza.

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