City of Arlington Vandergriff Skate Park

Scope of work: Skatepark Construction Contractor

Project Address

Vandergriff Park
2800 South Center St
Arlington, Texas 76014
United States

The park is open as of Tuesday March 18, 2014. Grand Opening Celebration planned for Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 11am-3pm

The Vandergriff Skate Park in Arlington, Texas has been designed for all ages and skill levels, and will contain both transitional and plaza skating terrain. Located suitably in between the Vandergriff Community Center, tennis court complex and public swimming pool, the first phase will include a slew of stairs, ledges, banks, hips, rails and other street features as part of a large skate plaza. A transitional snake run of varying depths at the North end of the skate park connects to the plaza area. A flow bowl completes the project, and includes several extensions and a spine.

Working alongside a local general contractor, SPA Skateparks serves as the specialty skate park contractor for the project, whose scope includes all forming, metal fabrication, shotcrete and concrete placement. Integral and telecasted colored concrete and the incorporation of landscaped zones are all part of the skate park construction detailing. Additional sidewalks, a pavilion, tables and other amenities are all planned as part of this project.

The City of Arlington, located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is on the forefront of skate park planning. As part of the overall parks master plan, the City has also implemented a ten year master plan for skate parks. Within the next ten years, up to fifteen skating opportunities will be developed across the City, with the goal of a skateboarder being able to skate from one spot to the next. Vandergriff Park will be the location of the main hub, or destination, sized skate park. Neighborhood sized skate parks will be developed over the years in pre-determined areas around the City to provide equal opportunity for the area’s youth. Further still, smaller skate spots will be placed in between neighborhood parks. These skate spots are analogous to a fitness station along a hike and bike trail. It’s a place to skate that has only a few skate features, and can also serve as places for walkers to sit safely and take a break.

For more information on Skate Park Master Plans, or a design-build skate park in your City, please Contact Us.

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