City of Frisco Texas Northeast Community Skate Park

Scope of work: Skatepark Construction Contractor

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Northeast Community Park
Frisco, Texas 75035
United States

Last Updated June 6, 2017


The Northeast Community Skatepark in Frisco has a staggering 47,000 square feet of skateboarding terrain, making it the second-largest skatepark in Texas. The City of Frisco Texas Northeast Community Park is located near the intersection of Panther Creek Parkway and and Honey Grove Drive. The skatepark is situated between, and connected to, one of the park's main parking areas and pond. Shade is provided by both nearby oak trees and shade structures within the skatepark terrain. A fully developed skatepark lighting system allows users to ride after school during the winter months and in the cooler hours during the summer time. Restrooms and water fountain facilities are located just 100 yards away. Serving as the skatepark construction subcontractor for the project, SPA Skateparks' scope of work included fine shaping of the skatepark earthwork, concrete and shotcrete work, and metal fabrication. 


The Northeast Community Skatepark in Frisco, Texas is destination-sized, all-wheeled sports facility that caters to skateboards, bikes, in-line skates and scooters. It has been designed to accommodate users of all ages and skill levels - from kids to grey beards and beginners to professionals. With over an acre of of custom-designed skatepark surface, this skatepark has A LOT OF EVERYTHING....FOR EVERYONE. There are generally three main skatepark areas in the linear design. First, an extremely varied plaza area runs the entire length of the skatepark, from the parking lot to the pond. Granite ledges, manual pad complexes, ledges, stairs, hips and pretty much anything you can think of is in this area. At the pond end of the plaza is a 16 foot tall over-vertical "Concrete Wave" feature. The second main area consists of a multi-depth extremely large flow bowl. The deep end includes a 5 foot tombstone extension and central pump bump. At the opposite end is a massive over-vertical pocket. No coping blends, bumps, a custom fabricated metal jersey barrier and other features provide users with endless lines and transfer opportunities. Finally, a contest ready pool complete with wrap around skatepark pool coping and tile work detailing. Browse through photos of the City of Frisco's Northeast Community Skatepark on this web page. 


Please check the City's website for the City of Frisco Northeast Community Park hours and rules. Interested to learn more about skatepark rules, regulations and signage examples?


The City’s $16 million budget for Phase 1 of the park covers the skate park, concession and storage buildings, restroom facilities, pond, new trails and fields among other amenities. While traditional park features will be used primarily on evenings and weekends, the skatepark will serve as the focal point of activity for the entire park at all times. The 75 acre master plan for the NE Community Park was originally adopted in 2014.

Have questions about how to develop a skatepark system for your City? Contact SPA Skateparks. Our professional Texas-based design-build skatepark consultants can assist at any stage of the project. 

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