Granbury Texas Skate Park

Scope of work: Skatepark Construction Contractor

Project Address

Granbury Texas Skate Park
1081 Crossland Road
Granbury, Texas 76048
United States

The City of Granbury, Texas Skate Park

Soft Opening scheduled for May 30, 2014. Grand Opening on June 21, 2014. 10am.

SPA Skateparks is proud to present the City of Granbury, Texas Skate Park. Located within Granbury City Park just a few blocks from the downtown square, the new public skate park is situated next to a sports field complex, a disc golf course, and walking trail. Natural shade from a mature oak tree will provide shade to skaters and offer a pleasant place for everyone to watch the action. An existing restroom building is located just a short walk away. Granbury Skatepark is connected to the City's Moments in Time Hike and Bike Trail, allowing skaters easy and safe access to the site.  In April of 2014, the City Council acted upon a recommendation from the Parks Board and voted to dedicate the Granbury Skatepark to Keith Callahan.  Mr. Callahan served the City of Granbury for 34 years and retired in January 2014 as the City Services Director. 

At approximately 6,000 square feet, and for all ages and skill levels, the Granbury skate park design takes the general shape of a triangle, consisting of three plaza lanes and a fully encapsulated bowl. The center of the triangle is a large landscaped area, breaking up what would otherwise be an expanse of concrete. The plaza elements include several rails and ledges, a 4 stair set, bank to bank, quarter pipe, and a unique Granbury-themed feature closest to the parking lot. The wavy profile of this particular feature complex symbolizes the mesa locally named Comanche Peak. Just a few miles from Granbury, this peak is the highest in Hood County and was the meeting ground for Comanche Indians. The words “Granbury Skate Park Dedicated to Keith W. Callahan” on the sign facing the parking lot is a show of thanks for Mr. Callahan’s many years as the City’s Director of City Services.

The skate park bowl has three pockets with depths from 3.5 feet to 5.5 feet. The metal skate park coping blends into concrete at the shallow section, allowing skaters to roll in to begin their runs. The skate park is connected to the existing walking path that encircles Granbury City Park, allowing skaters easy and safe access.

Alongside the skate park designer New Line Skate Parks, SPA Skateparks hosted three public input meetings over the course of several months. The skaters of Granbury, the Parks Board, city staff and elected officials all presented ideas for features and overall vision. The result of the well-attended skate park design process is the culmination of the community’s input, professionally designed and built to the highest quality. Our skate park design team’s Texas-licensed landscape architect acted as a liaison during the Architectural Barrier Review, ensuring the skate park complies with the Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS). As Texas skate park designers and skate park contractors, we are proud to lead the industry in this regard, by approaching all skate park projects with accessibility-related issues in mind before the project goes to construction.

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